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farm products

In addition to milk and eggs, there are other delicacies on our farm. With a lot of love we process our own berries and herbs into fine products. Enjoy our farm products. The farm products can be purchased in our farm shop. We would be happy to inform you on site about the production and our range. 


Experience pure nature!

We not only pay attention to natural materials when furnishing our farm chalets, but also when it comes to our farm products. We do not cultivate a monoculture but a variety of species.

ALL our refined products are produced and processed on the farm. It is personally important to us to carry out every work step ourselves in order to ensure quality. The new processing room helps us with the various work steps and guarantees the highest level of hygiene. Each product is carefully harvested & processed. The focus is on quality!  

Try our farm products. You will perceive the difference with all your senses.

The Schenk family wishes you lots of fun discovering! 

fruit jam

Fruit spreads (strawberries, raspberries, plums, currants, apricots and other combinations)


chicken eggs

fresh free range eggs

Braune Eier

apple rings

dried apple rings and plums



elderflower syrup, currant syrup;



Raspberries, strawberries, apples and much more.


goat cheese

Fresh and soft cheese, milk, yoghurt (spring/summer), 


mountain apple juice

fresh apple juice from meadow orchards

Image by Bonnie Kittle


mountain blossom honey


wooden accessories

for decoration, kitchen and much more.

Carpenter Craving in Holz


Potatoes, cucumbers, onions and much more.


"It's better to enjoy and regret
than to regret not having enjoyed."

Giovanni Boccaccio

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